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X-O Manowar #1 in stores!

The first issue of my ongoing series is here at last, available in both brick-and-mortar comics shops and digitally at comiXology.  I’ve been working on X-O Manowar for nearly a year, so it’s a great feeling to finally have it out in the world.  I can’t thank the rest of the creative team enough.  Cary Nord (pencils), Stefano Guadiano (inks), Moose Baumann (colors), and Dave Lanphear (letters) all put their hearts into their work, and it shows.  And lest I forget, huge thanks are due to the crew at Valiant HQ, who beat the drum incessantly for the past four months to ensure the world would know of the book’s arrival.

A quick roundup of some reviews, interviews, and other news about the book:

MTV Geek (Review)

A.V. Club (Review)

Ain’t It Cool News (Review)

IGN (Review)

Comic Book Resources (Interview.  Spoilers ensue, so read the issue first.)

Only the Valiant (Podcast interview.  Even more spoilers!)

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