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The Surrogates: Case Files #1 available for download!

The next chapter of The Surrogates is here.  It’s great to return to the characters and setting that gave me my start as a comics writer, and even better to reunite with Brett Weldele, my first collaborator.  Case Files #1 is available for download as a digital-first comic from all of the major outlets, including comiXology, iVerse, and iBooks.  You can visit each of those providers directly, or go to the page on the Top Shelf website and click “buy digital” to choose your preference.

Why release Case Files in the digital format first?  Unlike The Surrogates and The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone—both standalone stories—we wanted Case Files to have a truly episodic feel similar to the one-hour televised cop drama.  Each installment in the series will be a self-contained mystery in which surrogate technology plays an important role, hopefully in an unexpected way.

We hope you enjoy the first issue.

One Response to “The Surrogates: Case Files #1 available for download!”

  1. Pat Good
    9:13 am on July 5th, 2012

    Is The Surrogates going to be a TV series?

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