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Wizard World Interview

The cover story for issue 1.2 of the new Wizard World digital magazine is an interview with me about The Homeland Directive.  It’s the first interview I’ve done about my forthcoming graphic novel with Mike Huddleston, and in the article I also talk a little bit about my experience with the Surrogates film (and tease some news about when Brett Weldele and I will be reteaming for the next chapter of The Surrogates).  The issue is available for download in either PDF or iPad versions.

My article comes on the heels of last week’s cover story about Nathan Edmondson, the writer of the Image miniseries Who Is Jake Ellis?  Nathan lives just down the road a piece, so that’s a two-week streak for Georgia writers owning the cover.  If Wizard World is searching for another Peach State resident for next week’s issue, I recommend either Andy Runton or Van Jensen.

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