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The Ugly Truth (Page 3)

I always expected there would be the inevitable “V for Venditti” comment somewhere, maybe as the headline to an interview with me, the press loving their catchy titles the way they do.  By substituting my baby picture for Guy Fawkes back in 2008, Jeff Lemire beat everyone to the punch line:

  The Ugly Truth #3 - Jeff Lemire

While we’re on the subject of name play, I’m reminded of my older brother’s classmate, Brent, who once pilfered my stickered lunchbox because it said ROB on it (me being an elementary schooler and Brent being a middle schooler, I was defenseless against such crimes).  To Juliet Capulet, who uttered her famous line, “What’s in a name?”: I answer a whole lot, if your name also happens to be verb.  Shakespeare might’ve known this, but maybe no one ever stole his sack lunch and told him to BILL them for it.  How many other verb-names are there, I wonder?  Chase.  Lance.  That makes four so far . . .

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  1. marcella
    10:51 am on October 19th, 2009

    Mark, Nick, Jack, Hope, Rose, Will, Sue, Bob, Jimmy, Drew, Chip, Grant, Don, Pat, Wade, Peg, Skip, Pierce, Ralph


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