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The Year in Review

2012 is in the books, and it was a busy one.  All told, I wrote 562 pages of comics during the last 12 months, and that doesn’t include the work I’ve done on what is going to be the largest creator-owned project I’ve ever undertaken.  Of course, I only published 8 issues of X-O Manowar in 2012, so if you’re wondering where all the other pages have gone off to, you’ll be seeing most of them over the course of the new year.  Some are for projects that have already been announced, but others will be a surprise.  And some won’t be released until 2014 and beyond.

My sincere thanks go out to the publishers and editors who’ve taken a chance on me, as well as the readers who invest their time and money in the stories.  Here’s wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and productive 2013.

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