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Robot 6 Review

Over at Comic Book Resources, Graeme McMillan from the Robot 6 blog has some high praise for The Homeland Directive and Mike Huddleston specifically.  I know I speak from a position of bias, but I couldn’t agree more.  In an email dated February 19, 2010, Mike asked if I was okay with the direction he was taking the art in.  Here’s my response:

“It’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and in a good way.  Sometimes I feel weird doing mainstream books for Top Shelf, but the way you’re handling the art makes it feel the way a mainstream book from Top Shelf should.  It’s energetic, eclectic, experimental, but all still within the confines of what the story needs, so it doesn’t look out of place.  So yeah, I’m happy.”

Here’s hoping the rest of the comics community agrees.

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