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Surrogates DVD in Stores!

The Surrogates movie releases today, both on regular old DVD and Blu-Ray HD.  Both versions come with a smattering of bonus features, but exclusive to the Blu-Ray edition is a 6½-minute featurette (starring yours truly) titled “Breaking the Frame: A Graphic Novel Comes to Life.”  Touchstone’s press release describes the featurette as a visual exploration of the evolution of Surrogates from graphic novel to major motion picture from the earliest designs and sketches.  Last Friday, MTV’s Splash Page blog posted an exclusive clip:



I’m pleased to see SteepleJack have such a presence in the featurette, but also a bit confused because he is perhaps the most glaring example of an aspect of the graphic novel that did not come to life on the screen, his character having been omitted from the adaptation entirely. 

If anyone is looking for me (or, for that matter, my maternal grandmother) at 10:00 a.m. EST this morning, I’ll be at my local Best Buy purchasing my first Blu-Ray compatible DVD player, so I can watch myself for the entire 6½ minutes.  My self-absorption knows no bounds. 

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