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Sneaky Peeking: Cover for The Homeland Directive

Top Shelf has unveiled the cover art for my forthcoming graphic novel The Homeland Directive (with artist Mike Huddleston):

 The Homeland Directive - Cover

The promotional copy reads as follows:

As a leading researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Laura Regan is one of the world’s foremost authorities on viral and bacteriological study.  Having dedicated her career to halting the spread of infectious disease, she has always considered herself one of the good guys.  But when her research partner is murdered and Laura is blamed for the crime, she finds herself at the heart of a vast and deadly conspiracy.  Aided by three rogue federal agents who believe the government is behind the frame-up, Laura must evade law enforcement, mercenaries, and a team of cyber-detectives who know more about her life than she does—all while trying to expose a sinister plot that will impact the lives of every American.

Set in the Orwellian present, The Homeland Directive confronts one of the vital questions of our time:  In an era when technology can either doom or save us, is it possible for personal privacy and national security to coexist?

I finished the first draft of the book’s script in 2006, and the original intent was to publish it last year.  Due to the Surrogates film, however, it was replaced on Top Shelf’s schedule with Flesh and Bone, which we wanted to have on the shelf before the film’s release.  The Homeland Directive is one of four projects I’m currently working on, but I’m sworn to secrecy on the other three until otherwise notified.

Top Shelf lists the release date as September, but the overeager among you can pre-order a copy now and spend the next nine months staring into an empty mailbox.

2 Responses to “Sneaky Peeking: Cover for The Homeland Directive”

  1. Shannon Smith
    8:48 am on January 8th, 2010

    Very cool. Can’t wait.

  2. Van Jensen
    11:53 am on January 11th, 2010

    That came together really nicely. Now please hurry up and answer the question on all our lips. French flaps?

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