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Hi, Gram.

I realize it’s been a while since I posted an update, but when you hear through the family grapevine that your maternal grandmother is beginning to doubt your health and wellbeing, maybe it’s been too long.

So what have I been up to?  Aside from putting the finishing touches on The Homeland Directive and reviewing the art and lettering for the adaptation of The Lightning Thief, yesterday I finished the first draft of the script for another, yet-to-be-announced graphic novel adaptation for Hyperion.  My preference is to have a complete draft of a script in the can before the artist begins penciling it, so I imposed upon myself a firm deadline of April 30, two months earlier than the deadline given to me by the editor.  Because, you know, life not being as stressful as I’d like, I try to find ways to make it more difficult.

Now it’s on to the Next Big Thing, though I haven’t quite decided what it’s going to be.  All I know is that I have about five months to do it because I’m scheduled to begin something else in October.  In other words, I set deadlines for myself before I even identify what it is that has to be completed.  Ah, neuroses . . .

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