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Surrogates Music Video

Breaking Benjamin’s new single, “I Will Not Bow,” will be featured in the Surrogates movie, and they’ve posted a music video to their MySpace page that contains some new footage:


Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow – Official Music Video (HQ)


This begs the question: Other than online, where are music videos seen these days?  My first memory of MTV is my oldest cousin, Joe, watching Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” from my grandmother’s dining room table.  (Not my maternal grandmother, the one who said I wasn’t a beautiful baby, but the paternal one.  Come to think of it, my paternal grandmother was a no-nonsense gal prone to giving people the finger—in a loving way, you understand—so I wouldn’t be surprised if she put bush beating aside and said I was straight-up ugly.)  I also remember watching MTV on New Year’s Eve as the calendar left 1983 behind, the first sounds of 1984 being Eddie Van Halen’s keyboards on “Jump.”  I remember 120 Minutes and Yo! MTV Raps.  Yes, I grew up during the halcyon era of wall-to-wall videos—turn on the channel now, and you’ll see everything but videos.  It’s no surprise today’s bands are planting so many of their marketing seeds in Internet soil. 

On a separate note, Brett Weldele, artist on The Surrogates and self-described blues/tronica musician, has identified one of the songs in the Surrogates trailer as “Ursa Minor (Neutron Mix)” by Celldweller.  No word yet on other possible contents of the motion picture soundtrack (or if there will be one).

Addendum: My aforementioned paternal grandmother was a bit of a movie buff.  She’s passed on, leaving me to wonder what she would’ve thought about current developments in her grandson’s career.  Would an image of Bruce Willis as Greer have supplanted this poster, which for as long as I can remember was taped to the ceiling above her bed:




I think not.  Hollywood may be able to detonate the top off of Nakatomi Tower, but nothing could tear Burt Reynolds from Grandma’s devoted heart.

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  1. Jake
    5:41 pm on August 25th, 2009

    Never really listened to Breaking Benjamin, but it sounds good. Seriously can’t wait for the movie. As far as MTV, they really need to change their name to Reality Television because that’s all it is. I’m 27 but I can remember when they played music and had some pretty good game shows, as well. VH1 is just as bad. I remember at one time all VH1 did was play music, now it’s all reality crap.

    I wish I were old enough to have seen Talking Heads when they were together. They’re my favorite band. Closest I’ve gotten was seeing David Byrne as a solo act.

    I’m not even gonna touch Burt Reynolds.


  2. Jeff
    8:00 am on August 27th, 2009

    Hey Robert, I picked up a signed copy of Surrogates from you at WizardWorld, and I just finished it last night – stellar stuff! The extra supplemental material you guys put in there was awesomely done. I picked up the prequel last night and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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